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AKA & Emtee share the special bond of their bromance on Twitter




Like it or not, the world of SA Hip Hop is splintered into camps and affiliations; even though we have the neutrals. One of such bonds on the circuit is shared by industry heavyweights, and .

The duo recently took their bromance to a whole new level on social media platform, Twitter, while also hinting they might be working together on a collaboration soon.

It all played our after SupaMega paid reference to Tha Hustla’s chappies deal.

“I see @EmteeSA got own chappies deal going on…. ayyyyyyy,” The Beam Group mogul Tweeted and to which responded “In every corner store in the hood.”

then took to his own page to pay tribute to the ever loyal support of ; taking things as deep as asserting that should he die today, the world of SA Hip Hop should know of that love and support.

“If I were to do die SA must know that this man is one of the few people who really love and support me. Never judged me, always on my side and checkin up on me. He call me up like how a big bro call his lil bro. ?” the “Manando” mastermind reported.

A thrilled Megacy General also responded in kind; saying now that he’s earned success with hisTouch My Blood album, they can get to work on a collab.

“Now that the album is done, we gone put the work in! Proud of you bro. A musician. A family man. An artist. THE HUSTLA!!!! ??”

While we do not know when this collaboration drops, the bond shared between and Emtee seems pretty intense and impressive.

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