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AKA Drowns Fan in Sarcasm Over Illegal Song Download




Music makes the world a world a little sane. But it can sometimes drive some people “insane” – they sometimes get the songs of their faves illegally and without apologies.

And that was what happened recently, when a crazy fan tweeted of how he had obtain the SupaMega’s track “Daddy Issues II,” from his hit album “Touch My Blood.” He tagged the muso to his tweet.

Maybe that was a mistake on his part, as , who responds to the tweets of his fans now and then, came across the tweet and gave such a well-aimed tweet shot that the offender that he took down the tweet.

’s tweet was wrenchingly sarcastic and reads: “Thank You for that gracious and awesome compliment. I’m glad you think it’s beautiful …. but since it says … I guess it’s not good enough to buy. So thank you for stealing from me


The offender, who goes by the handle @karabomadia, is the author of a book titled “I Hate Women Empowerment.” He also claims to be a public speaker, according to his profile.

Twitter has been divided over how the muso responded to the tweet. A Twitter user going by the handle @Soulman_SA tweeted: “Stealing ain’t good. No artist wants to work hard on their music and this happens.

 See some selected responses below:

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