AKA Discusses What Sets His Music Apart From Other Artists

SuperMega, is blazing hot in all the glory of his craft and talent. With The World Is Yours still disturbing the peace on the airwaves, he followed it up with Caiphus Song as well as his collaborations with 10 Fingers and “Don’t Forget To Pray”.

Now, the “Dreamwork” rapper has been nominated in the Best International Act: Africa category at the BET Awards 2017 has explained what sets his music apart from other artists. 

In the words of :

“I think that when you are the type of artist that I am, your art imitates life and the other way around. My music is all about positivity”.

He went on even further to explain the spirituality that comes with his music as well:

“I don’t know how people sleep at night when their music and music videos are simply watered down versions of the artists that we dig in the states. So when I make a music video or make music, it has to be REAL. It has to be SPIRITUAL. That comes through in the music and the people can tell”.

Deep words from the Special Fi Mi star and we do wish him the very best at the BET Awards 2017 taking place in Los Angeles, California, June 25.

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