AKA Claims His Tweets Helped Promote Cassper’s #FillUpFNBStadium

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It looks like we have not heard the last of ‘s offer to help . This time, rapper whose real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes believes his Tweets actually did help promote the event.

was reacting to a video shared on Twitter by East Coast Radio‘s Bongani Mtolo who had implied that SupaMega, AKA, was trying to ride the wave of the Family Tree Records Boss, with his Greek Gift.

“All of a sudden AKA wants to join and wants them to partner up and do it half-half. No guy. They were beefing, they must carry on beefing. What we are focusing on right now is filling FNB Stadium and that is all that needs to be there. AKA must just sit down and stop trying to get in this guy’s shine,” Bongani Mtolo explained.

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However, trust AKA to offer a swift response. He took to the same platform to call out Bogani with a couple of Tweets. The The World Is Yours rapper Tweeted:

“This type of divisive thinking is so unfortunate. Personally I think My tweets actually helped promote the event. Spread positivity. Not this. 🙏🏻”

AKA wasn’t done, he continued with yet another post as he felt Bongani Mtolo made the video just for Retweets:

“What a pity. The guy goes and ruins my relationship with EAST Coast Radio …. All for some RT’s. Spread LOVE guys. ❤️🙏🏻”

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Do you believe AKA‘s Tweets help promote Cassper Nyovest‘s ? Kindly share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



  1. He did…..nobody gave a fuck abt it untill Mega said something abt it. Tickets are now selling or should I say bought by his friends to donate them to the public. #Facts

    1. Tickets were selling AKA is just a jealous scumbag, you can buy ticket for your friends,family and relatives for R20000,I can’t afford it so you are also a broke A*S nigger with full of hate and anger toward Casper just like AKA I wonder how do people like you react when you see your home boys become successful in front of you,it doesn’t matter whether you are successful or not but I don’t think your reaction will be of congratulating them or you just wish if evil spirit can take over toward their lives,stop bringing excuses and congratulate our best artist for trying to make history and let those who have money to spend do so,AKA is busy throwing Tantrum on twitter even last time when Casper released his last album AKA tried to release a single just so to take all the attention but fail then his gf is saying that now Casper is broke,let’s not adapt what those old times grannies use to do that when a neighbours child succeed its either he get bewitched or become mental disabled,just say congratulation to Casper.. It won’t remove any part of your body

    2. Somebody get this nigga an English teacher, this some serious long Essay don’t even hv to time to read it. Also bring him some tissue he’s crying

  2. Beef always sells, its a pitty AKA can’t use it to his advantage n it wasn’t his intention to promote it that way, he really really really super really wanted to be on da history books to bad he doesn’t have da Balls da Brains n Heart to do it

  3. Ska ba forgiva, AKA cleaming his tweet made
    # Fillup trend but cant make # BCWYWF go
    gold. mxm Nyovi Ska ba forgiva ntwana yam

  4. Honestly speaking I can’t wait for a track by aka n cn it will be dope. As for cn my autie u acted childish cos if other ppl never agreed to assist u by now aka would be making a dfrnce. Kingdom rise n fall even nas n jay z work together
    Put this to bed now #nyovest #supermega

  5. Did he promote fill up The Dome and Orlando?? Aww ngeke sbali
    See y’all there family the way aka should’ve promoted Queen B’s BOOK

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