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AKA backs ‘Beyonce’ track; says haters only exist on Twitter



After all the buzz created with the release of two singles of Beyonce andAmen,” in the past week, SA Hip Hop titan, has now defended the former which he made in reference to ex girlfriend, Matheba.

The Beam Mogul took to social media platform, Twitter, in a series of Tweets to defend the song. SupaMega says he doesn’t even understand all the furore as he wasn’t the first person to write a song about a girl.

“The way some people are carrying on, you’d swear that I’m the 1st artist to write a song about a woman.”

Not done, would then go on to slam his haters; believing them to be only active on Twitter. The serial hitmaker backed up his claims as he shared images from another packed and sold out show in Johannesburg.

“Who are these people who claim not to like me or my music? I can only seem to find them here on twitter. Are they even real? Please. Someone. Help. I’m asking for a friend. ?”

As usual, would go on to flaunt the healthy and wealthy tag, while asking his haters to go to hell as attempts to take over the campaign this 2018.

“All the people who hurt me or were against me are sufffffffffering ???????? …. BEAM GROUP B****!!!! ????? …. if I tell you Dog shit is pudding, GRAB A SPOON!!!! ???????.

Sorry ?? … I just wanted to take a moment to tell everybody who is now CLEARLY in my dust …. to eat s***!!! ???????”

Let’s cancel 2018 and just hand it to me and the boyz … ? ..”

AKA is expected to premiere his highly-anticipated “Touch My Blood” album on the 15th of June. He has said that could be his final project of an illustrious career.

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