AKA and Priddy Ugly’s Exchange On Unity In The Industry Has Fans Talking

Fans of SA Hip Hop stars, and launched into a battle after both rappers argued about unity in the industry.

It seems every opinion Supa Mega has brings about so much scrutiny these days. Are we the only ones who feel that way or has it always been?

We previously shared a post here about how his advice on rap feuds to female rappers even got a reaction from his arch nemesis, Mufasa himself.

Well, as that didn’t go anywhere after then, someone else had a huge opinion about it, and it’s started an all out war between their fans.

The “Fela In Versace” hitmaker had adviced Mzansi rapper, Rouge and other female rappers who would care to listen, on the benefits of starting a big feud with each other and how it would help their careers.

Another rapper who didn’t find it okay, commented his reserve on that. According to him, the tweet should have been about how they should stand together and support each other so as to build an industry full of talented female emcees. He tweeted,

I wish your tweet was about how females in general need to support and work together. Female rappers need to stand together and build, that way we form an industry full of talented female artists, not just 1 or 2 bickering over petty sh*t. This should be about talent and not ego”

In his opinion, that’s about the last thing SA needs at the moment coming from a dark era of women dying.

Trust Mega to still stand his ground. Replying the newly married emcee, he opined that unity isn’t entertaining. In his own words, it isn’t what the fans pay to see, “this is MUSIC BUSINESS not crèche“.

He also revealed he was the first rapper who featured a long cast of female rappers before anyone else did, referencing his Baddest Remix.

Priddy still pointed out that he () had worked with YoungstaCPT and that was “Hip-hop AF” in favour of the “coloured mense“.

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