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AKA and Nadia Nakai Respond To Assault Claims With Official Statement




Not so long after the lovebirds made their affair public, a storm hit the quarters of the Mzansi hitmakers as an assault allegation was laid against during their trip to Ghana.

The claims made stated that verbally assaulted and attacked his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, and the promoter in the heat of an argument.

In further developments to the story, it was also alleged that the love bords broke up and unfollowed each other on social media.

With all of this being levelled against their seemingly blossoming relationship, they have both released a joint statement, confirming that the allegations are false and that all is well on the ship.

A part of the statement read; “Just to clear the air, there was no physical nor verbal altercation between us, we are fine and there is no drama between us”

In the midst of these recent develpopments, there has also been an unbalanced opinion about the state of their relationship.

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