AKA and Cassper Nyovest Dump Venom on Each Other Anonymously


The beef between two of Mzansi’s finest rappers and takes new hues and angles every day. Once friends, now they fail to agree on anything; and they shade each other at will.

One common featuring of their shading is their unwillingness to mention each other’s name. But they never fool their fans, who are able to infer their references.

Well, there’s yet another twist to their public spat. And it revolves around vodka. is an ambassador of Cruz vodka brand, and is the brain behind one of their flavours (called Watermelon); , on the other hand, is an ambassador of Ciroc, another vodka brand. In a series of tweets, AKA boasted about being more business than another rapper (whose name he did not mention).

Source: AKA/Instagram

The rapper was obviously referring to Cassper Nyovest, a public adversary, who was in Milan, Italy, at the time for the Ciroc- Moschino partnership.

AKA tweeted: “Every time you buy a bottle of @Cruzvodka 🍉 you put money DIRECTLY in my pocket. Thank You. PLEASE put pressure on these other brands operating in OUR COUNTRY to empower our people 💔

He added, hinting at extending the Cruz vodka brand: “Last night I spoke to the bosses at the shoot. I told them it’s time we start thinking about extending the CRUZ family … Who y’all think we should add to the team?? … and GIVE THEM THEIR OWN FLAVOUR?!?!

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He followed it up with another that reveals clearly his references: “What a damn shame! These other brands will fly you half way around the world for you to take photos next to people who don’t care about you, instead of them giving you a slice of their business … what a scam.

Cassper Nyovest, the “Tito Mboweni” hitmaker did not miss AKA’s references, and he lashed back at him subtly, in what would pass as  motivational tweets, but was nothing short of venom.

Source: Cassper Nyovest/ Twitter

He tweeted: “If there’s one person you don’t have to worry about, it’s your enemy. He always knows how far you are. If you’re gonna explain yourself or use your energy, use it on your fans. Explain yourself to those who love you. Your enemy knows your power & your gift better than your fans.

He made another tweet on how fortunate he was, as people from his area rarel ymake it: “I’ve been called all kind of things. I won’t even name them cause they hold no weight and didn’t stop me from chasing dream . I’m tipsy, I’m in Milan bro. Niggas don’t make it were I’m from. I don’t think you understand how mad this shit is cause ke tswa montshiwa ko dithobane.

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Still speaking on the influence of his location on his career, he tweeted, encouraging his fans not to give up their dreams but to push and push: “If you come from the hood they always want to remind you and make you feel like you’re not worthy because you were not expected to win. Surprise MOTHER TSWAKAS!!!! We made it from what you consider nothing. HOOD KIDS!!! YOU ARE WORTHY!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!! PUSH

He followed it up with another tweet whose reference cannot be hidden. He tweeted: “Let’s not do the Boss talk Niggas. Not with me. Ownership chats? With me? Nah but look, My artist is dropping her single tomorrow , it’s titled #YassBitch . She’s one of the most booked acts in the country. We build brands round here. Family Tree!!! ALL DAY!!!

The battles is unfolding, but you are sure to see new shots right here, when the duo fire it. So, follow our website and our social media channels.


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