After Runway Debut, Zodwa Wabantu Confirms Reality Television Show

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Afrotainment star dancer is marching ahead, winning and winning, and laughing at those who doubt her powers as an artiste and as a lady with business sense and chubby ambition.

She has already built her own house, shaming those who said she would die broke and homeless and take to whoring as an old lady. And with a brand new Audi sedan from her management Afrotainment, the dancer can only smile in her choices.

Electing not to wear undies ever might appear radical, but sure knows what pleases her. If what pleases her displeases society, then so be it. She has her happiness to protect, and she gets paid.

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Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

We published earlier that Zodwa Wabantu was going to feature in an upcoming flick, and has confessed boundless joy at the prospect. Well, the dancer has got a new deal in the bag, one with generous remunerations too.

Sunday Sun has reported that the dancer, whose given name is Zodwa Libram, has signed a reality television deal worth about R1 million.

The 13-episode reality television show is titled “Emdeni Ka Zodwa.” It would be produced by Palesa Madisakwane, a notedSouth African actress. DSTV’s new channel Moja Love would air the show.

She confirmed the show but dithered on the sum involved. She said to Sunday World: “It’s going to be 13 episodes. But I won’t shoot a single episode unless half of the amount has been paid into my account. I cannot put my private life out there for nothing. I’m here to make money and those who want to make money out of me should know that I too need to make money from them. I’m not going to reveal much because I have not signed the contract. I will sign the contract upon my return from Dubai on Tuesday

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Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu is right on her way as an actress and reality television star. Progress calleth to progress, after all. Her fans are watching keenly. And so are we, ready to bring you the next juice.

Stay tuned.


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