Zingah – Fuck Your Forgiveness

In case you are still wondering, then is taking the gloves off as he seems to have lost all the chills for now. He’s commissioned a brand new music video that he titles “Fuck Your Forgiveness.”

Well, the Lord of the Jig hasn’t been playing in recent times. In fact, he bodied a lot of haters in the bag when he unveiled his “For The Level EP a few months ago.

Even before the delivery of that project, had been all buzz on the circuit with the commission of several dope records including Too Litty,” Hyella Mayn,” “Outta My Face,” which featured Kwesta; “Still Alive,” “Get em,” andMove!.”

Source: /Instagram

Now, he is all about extending that streak and this time, he makes just about a short music video but one that’s definitely ‘too litty’. Grooving and grinding with his hommies, Zingah simply listed his priorities.

As you can imagine, it is all about the roll, the bank, the moolah and the papers. There’s just nothing about forgiveness in the books for now and “Fuck Your Forgiveness” all but documents that fact.

Source: Zingah/Instagram

You definitely want to get right into that buzz of this newly commissioned music video of Zingah. Simply , then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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