Zing Mastar & Pencil – My Dali

Zing Mastar & Pencil – My Dali. Source: Facebook

With their monster jam,Tshwara,” still dominating the dance floor and social gigs, serial hitmakers, Zing Mastar and drop off yet another screamer. Titled “My Dali,” it looks like the boys are just about to take the year 2017 to bed with a bang.

On “My Dali,” Zing Mastar and Pencil held back a bit on the rain of beats for a more vocal-heavy and instrumental-ladden offering that’s laid-back and smooth. It doesn’t mean the bangs wouldn’t come anyway as the beat masters cannot seem to keep the peace.

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This way, they sought to bring the chaos and destruction to the dance floor again in the latter stages of “My Dali” and just when we thought we’d be on our best behaviours, we just lost our manners again to dig dents right into the dance floor.

The melodious and musical synths as employed by Zing Mastar and Pencil on this effort simply means “My Dali” is also a wavy and groovy vibe that holds the X-factor as another potential hit for the duo disc jockeys and producers.

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Great news is that Zing Mastar and Pencil let “My Dali” fly for free download so you have no reason not to key into its grind and masterclass.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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