Zanda Zakuza – Khaya Lam Album

After a world of anticipation sonorous songstress, launches the most-talked about “Khaya Lam .”

The Durban KwaZulu-Natal born Zanda Ntombshayivosho Zakuza simply needs no introduction as one of the finest voices in the South African music industry.

With such monster records as “Skeleton Move” of Master KG as well as her own beastly “Love As You Are,” the award-winning songbird has simply achieved the holy grail.

Yet, we knew she meant business when she dropped the flagship record of the same title of the “Khaya Lam ” with the support of Master KG and Prince Benza.

That will now prove only to be a teaser and appetiser as the full body of work is a full feast and fest.

Especially as plots a whopping 14 tracks into the project of musical art with the feature of some of the finest names in the industry.

When such superstars as Bongo Beats, DJ Tpz, Mr Brown, Mr Chosen, and others come through for you, then you know this is the bliss that dominates the season and beyond.

You do not want to be left out of the party. Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


1. – Land of the Forgiving

2. Zanda Zakuza – Khaya Lam ft. Master KG & Prince Benza

3. Zanda Zakuza – Awuyazi Oyifunayo ft. Bongo Beats

4. Zanda Zakuza – I Believe ft. Mr Brown

5. Zanda Zakuza – Life Goes On

6. Zanda Zakuza – Ndimhle ft. Sino Msolo

7. Zanda Zakuza – Dancing in the Rain ft. Bongo Beats

8. Zanda Zakuza – Molo ft. Bongo Beats

9. Zanda Zakuza – Umuntu Wami ft. DJ TPZ & Mr Chozen

10. Zanda Zakuza – My Name Is

11. Zanda Zakuza – Feelings

12. Zanda Zakuza – Amagama

13. Zanda Zakuza – Walk a Mile ft. Tendaness

14. Zanda Zakuza – Kuyobamnandi

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