Yungloon Taliboom (YoungstaCpt x Maloon TheBoom) – Sy?nz



Serial collaborators, made up of and extends the lifespan of their recent project of musical art with the music video for “Sy?nz.”

and had commissioned the “To Be Continued” project to critical acclaim in May and “Sy?nz” streamed off as its 8th record.

Well, with several music videos already commissioned and in the works, the duo again reunite with Dylan who makes another visual beauty of “Sy?nz”

On this one, the Cape Town musical ambassador to the world simply continues on his streak and grind, while passing across a very vital message for his area codes.

With “Sy?nz,” we are taken on an educational and insightful journey into the dark reality of the Cape Flats issue with gangstersim.

Who better highlight this trend and malaise better than himself and again he completes another successful episode.

In recent times, the lyrical assasin has commissioned music videos for such efforts as “I Dunno,”  “Whose Who In The Zoo,” “Krugers“ and “Muchas Gracias.“

Get right into the visuals for “Sy?nz,” simply grab a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.