Yung Swiss x DJ Speedsta – Bacardi House Party Live Sessions

x – Bacardi House Party Live Sessions

The bromance between and is one of the finest in the world of SA . They team up again for the Bacardi Live Sessions.

Just recently, the duo had teamed up for the doped-out single titled “Naughty” and connected a summer-tinged music video to match with a bevy of stunning damsels.

Only thing is and have already bagged a world of collaborations including such smash efforts as  “Mayo” and “David Genaro (Remix).”

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While Yung Swiss just premiered his “Bottom Baby 2 Album,” DJ Speedsta himself is set to launch his highly-anticipated “Bottlebrush Street” project.

Source: DJ Speedsta/Instagram

This way and with the buzz and trends on their path, they bring the chemistry to bare during the Barcadi Live Sessions.

This one is nothing but the fierce talent the two holds as they bring nothing but the fire and flames to roost during a stand-up performance.

This one got everyone in the mood as the wavy and vibey bop along effect comes with the bounce that you cannot resist.

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You just want to connect with the latest and unscripted performance of DJ Speedsta and Yung Swiss.

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