Yung Swiss – Dead Guys

The shadow of darkness has crept inadvertently into ’s titles of recent, and one really has no idea what to make of it. “Dead Guys,” his newest single, followed right behind “Die Yung,” and one if left wondering and wondering

Why this sudden interest in the dark, albeit in his titles? The Cameroonian-born, south African rapper has been a tease and he seems to delight in being onein any case “Dead Guys” carries the power and vocal range of “Die Yung” before it, and makes an interesting listening experience.

The “For the Nation” crooner has put the nation in expectation for his upcoming . “Dead Guys” is more of dessert, a meal before the main course, while the rapper finetunes his .

, who DJ Vigilante co-opted in “Mary Jane,” alongside A-Reece and Maggz, and who Zoocci Coke Dope co-opted in “GLDN,” has got in “Dead Guys” an exciting offering that will keep his fans sated until his drops.

That claim about “getting money with his hands tied” seems tenable, true – well, considering the artistry in “Dead Guys.”

Download “Dead Guys” by below. You may as well share your thoughts in the comment section.



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