Yung Swiss – Bottom Baby 2 Album

It is a special day for the game as Trap Royal, comes through with his highly-anticipated sophomore “Bottom Baby 2” .

It has been exactly 2 years now since Mr David Genaro launched “Bottom Baby” to critical acclaim. The act proves he still isn’t done with us yet.

A streak of accomplishments, hit songs and recognition down that line, was also named crowned South Africa’s number 1 Trapper in the past year by MTVBaseTalk.

Quite an impressive streak for Steve Dang, a kid who launched unto the circuit armed with nothing but his talents and the fierce belief in his own abilities.

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Well, those beliefs have now been emboldened by the several dope records as well as potent collaborations to match; making him one of the industry players who’d only err on the side of quality.

It might be lazy to quickly point to “Mayo” of DJ Speedsta, alongside Frank Casino, Tellaman and Shane Eagle, as well as “David Genaro (Remix),” which featuredDJ Speedsta, Reasono and Ginger Trill as the iconic records in the now colorful career of Yung Swiss.

However, he has also commissioned such dope efforts as “Dead Guys,” “Jungle,” “Die Yung,” “I Might,” “GLDN,” “Psychedelia,” “Janet,” and “Cold,” just to mention a few.

Do we even mention the recently-released collaboration with DJ Speedsta titled “Naughty?”

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Only thing is Yung Swiss continues on an already impressive streak with the “Bottom Baby 2” , making the 14 track project nothing but a compilation of fire and flames.

Plus, he got the support of industry beaters such as Astryd Brown, DJ Speedta, Ricky Tyler, Doug and Stanley Enow from Cameroon, to complete the rout on all fronts for a potential classic.

Superior lyrical composition, valid content, superb delivery, extensive finesse, the golden sound and glittering production might be the best phrase that describes this latest Yung Swiss creation.

Simply grab a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

Source: Yung Swiss/Twitter


1. Open Your Mind

2. Koffi

3. Te Amo

4. Runaway Girl (feat. Astryd Brown)

5. Changes

6. Lies (Interlude)

7. Wavey (feat. DJ Speedsta & Doug)

8. Diamonds Dancing

9. Dazy

10. A Downtown Tale (feat. Ricky Tyler)

11. Die Yung

12. Dear Nation

13. Xikwembu

14. Just Dance (feat. Stanley Enow)


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