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YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Dreams Don’t Pay Bills Album




YoungstaCPT and Shaney Jay are the legends who are the brains behind the super creative “Dreams Don’t Pay Bills Album.”

YoungstaCPT, the Cape Town based legend of hip hop music, has returned with quite a bang and he has evidently made it bang on the streets of Yanos music.

He is personally known as Riyadh Roberts, and he also bears a rich portfolio of being a rapper, songwriter and of course a blazing emcee.

The street culture has also been perfectly embedded in his releases, which is directly what this project is all about, with him getting input as well from Shaney Jay.

They have both schooled their critics on what it takes to create top-notch music materials, and have also included the feature of The Big Hash, KashCPT, Tembi Powers and several others. Peep the tracklist below;


1. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Sleeping ft. Jannah Beth

2. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Dreams Don’t Pay Bills

3. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Sweating In My Sleep

4. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Dagga

5. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Waarheid

6. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Hometown Advantage ft.

7. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Brick and Mortar

8. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Coinz

9. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Flambae

10. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Boychi

11. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Goodhope ft. KashCPT & Tembipowers

12. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Dont Vestaan ft. DJ Ready D & EMile YX

13. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – The Matador

14. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – SIdenote ft. KashCPT & Tembipowers

15. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – Streety?Z

16. YoungstaCPT & Shaney Jay – When I Pass Away

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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