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YoungstaCPT Releases Steaming Visuals For “1000 Mistakes”




While the world moves on, revisits his single “1000 Mistakes” from his 2019 hit project “3T Album” with stunning visuals.

It takes us back to the time of the release of Riyadh Roberts’ debut album which was based on a true story about history, victory and struggle, after establishing his brand as one that represents his background and story.

In a timeline of his achievements, the Capetown rapper has released over 30 mixtapes and other projects including EPs and collaborative albums.

The Y Gen star has been on the low this year, except for entries like “Better Than Money” and “Own 2020” which was way ahead of the Quarantine season.

The album which birthed this entry remains a hit, as it was narrated by his Grandfather, and fully named ‘Things Take Time.’

On this visual, he has aptly represented the lyrics of the song, depicting a matching and relatable scenario, with crystal clear vision.

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