Youngsta x Maloon TheBoom – Y?Fi (The Internet Mixtape)



has got the bag of content and he never seem to be short of ideas. This is as the Salutas rapper teams up with on a 15 track mixtape titled Y?Fi (The Internet Mixtape). This project is absolutely fire and fierce.

One thing about the fiery rapper is the fact that he says it the way he feels it without any care in the world about whose ox is gored. He didn’t make things any different on Y?Fi (The Internet Mixtape) as he went for the broke – dropping such sucker punchlines that proves he isn’t ready to babysit other rappers or even producers.

This is why this collaboration with is iconic. The duo went the whole effort alone without any guest feature and all instrumentals taken from ’s 2015 Lost Beats. Standing ovation to these massively-talented fellas.

Y?Fi (The Internet Mixtape) packs the heat from the very first track titled International Naaler. No intro, no warning, just straight shots of fire and explosives. It wasn’t any different with the second joint titled Popularity Content, as well as joint after joint till the very 15th track.

With the 27th mixtape to date, you cannot even fault the talent that this dude packs. does prove here’s the new age and the future of hip hop, even though he laces the mixtape with glimpses, sounds and blasts from the past.

He got a very perfect ally in Maloon TheBoom to ensure Y?Fi (The Internet Mixtape) is just an epic and classic on all fronts. You’ve definitely got to cup this one and store it on the playlist of fame.

You’ll get hooked from the get-go so be prepared. However, stream, download and remember to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below. What are you waiting for?

Youngsta x Maloon TheBoom – Y?Fi (The Internet Mixtape) Download

YoungstaCpt X Maloon TheBoom – Y?Fi Mixtape by Boyoom