WTF – Winning (Muzi Remix) ft. Sheen Skaiz



Folks, this one is both spicy, groovy, inspirational and motivational at the same time. South African flavoured rapper, () teams up with to drop the smoking epic remix of of “Winning” and this one has been unofficially termed the “Muzi Remix”.

However, one thing we can inform you about this latest banger is the fact that we’ve been hopping from one spot to the other. Even uncertain which direction to proceed.

Feeling totally inspired one minute and ready to just throw sanity away the next to rock and bang to this epic of a jam. This is exactly the way this latest jam makes you feel – the absolute best and fusion of both worlds!

We like that confident assertion which the “Muzi Remix” of “Winning” gives. We are winners and not losers, we don’t back down till we achieve whatever we set out to achieve. That is the absolute motto!

This is an epic banger, and out to slay things even further is the flows-master himself, . Truth is, he almost even wouldn’t let a bar pass without slicing a wicked flow into it.

No wonder, rap fans from the South African enclave of the African rap scene are already going into an hysterical overdrive – calling this “Muzi Remix” of “Winning” the best thing that ever happened on the rap scene since got married to .

Well, both () and did epic justice to this latest banger and the entire South African rap scene has got just one sole topic of trending discourse at present.

You wouldn’t be doing yourself a ton of favour if your don’t stream, download and jam to this epic banger. However, it would also be great if you let us know your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

WTF serves a banging remix of his hit song “Winning” and he features Sheen Skaiz.


WTF – Winning (Muzi Remix) ft. Sheen Skaiz Mp3 Download