Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods – Gang Gang Feat. Casey Veggies

Rap superstar, Wiz Khalifa join forces with Chevy Woods and for a brand new and powerful collaboration, titled “Gang Gang”.

This latest Taylor Gang joint combines smooth, laid-back flows but with banging beats. It was produced by Big Jerm & Sayez, so you can be totally sure it rocks from start to finish.

“Gang Gang” is a follow up to “Isaac Hayes” – another Taylor Gang effort which is still enjoying positive reviews across multiple social channels and the music scene.

We could go ahead to let you know all about “Gang Gang”, but that would be a spoiler and might lead to diminished excitement when you eventually stream this banging jam.

However, we’d leave you with this quotable lyrics from Wiz:

“I got all these niggas screamin’ gang gang (x2)
Tell me why these niggas screamin’ gang gang
Im the one that got you screamin’ gang gang
Pop it please rollin’ lots of trees, you aint coppin these
Mommy these is St. Laurent jeans, now go and top me
I get pussy cause I’m poppin’, car pull up I drop it
If its money then we talk it, if its not you need to stop it”

We are certain “Gang Gang” is all you need going into the weekend, plus the weeks and months ahead.

Do stream this Taylor Gang joint below and be sure to leave your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.



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