West Ink – West Ink Banger Vol. 1 Album

Banger Vol. 1

With all the PR mishaps this year, 2017, one of South Africa’s leading imprints, Records are obviously having the last laugh. They have now commissioned the Banger Vol. 1” .

Under the leadership and tutelage of Mamptintsha, whose real name is Mandla Mamphumulo, West Ink Records are arguably one of the biggest authorities as far as South African music is concerned and in particular.

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Many of the associated acts including the prolific , Madanon, and even until recently, Distruction Boyz, have all gone on to create magic for fans and caused a world of chaos and destruction on dance floors as well as social gigs.

This year continue to be a roll for West Ink musically. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said off the circuit with a world of disasters that eventually became the topic of mean jokes and memes across several social media channels.

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Fifi Cooper – Take Me Back Album

Many industry watchers and fans will readily recall events that followed SAMA23, the inability of to attend the BET Awards where she was nominated due to visa issues and also the missing USB saga.

Great news is that we can put all those behind us now and settle for the more important subject matter of music with the massive “West Ink Banger Vol. 1” . The project of musical art is a whopping 16-track project of musical art.

If you are familiar with West Ink then you’d know the “West Ink Banger Vol. 1” album is a December project by all accounts.

The record features many of the players in the set-up including , , Madanon, , Lilly, Character, Dlala Thukzin, Sizwe Map, Pepino and others.

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Prince Kaybee – Kuthi Huuu (Dj Msewa Gqomu Taste)
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We can already go on and on about our favourite records but you the “West Ink Banger Vol. 1” album carries such massive hits as GandaGanda,” “Wololo Remix,” “Angisona,” “Usisi Oyedwa and many of such beastly efforts.

We believe the best thing to do is to accept and resign to fate, cop the “West Ink Banger Vol. 1” album, then slide it into replay mode, and spin it over and over again.

You do not want to be caught napping on this one. Simply cop, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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