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It is a musical fest as South African musical gem, Vusi Vova finally unveils his highly-anticipated “Manyan-Nyan” . You better be prepared for an exciting musical journey.

of the fame isn’t just a lightweight on the circuit. In fact, he is regarded as one of the finest to ever make music in South Africa.

Such is the streak and buzz of the New Brighton Township, Port Elizabeth-born Vusi Nongxo that he has dominated across the industry with an award-winning clout and status to match.

Till date, the singer has been able to commission such stunning studio albums including “Ndimfumene” in 2009, “Walk Into Light,” which he relased in 2013, “Did It For Love” in 2014, as well as the 2016 double platinum “Naninina” .

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Plus, a world of monster hit records such as “Thandiwe,” “I’d Rather Go Blind,” “Nguwe,” “Memeza,” “Xandingakuthemba,” “Ndonele,” “Indaba Zam’” “Andzazi,” and “Did It For Love” do speak for themselves.

The “Manyan-Nyan” album is now a fitting continuation of that streak for Vusi Nova who again brings his musical dexterity, abilities, craft and artistry to bare on a 12-track project of musical art.

Having enjoyed some beautiful releases in the build-up to the “Manyan-Nyan” album with promotional singles such as “Usezondibona” and “Ndizakulinda,” Vusi Nova did raise the bars again.

He brings the depths of his celestial vocals, tribal and Afro fusion, as well as the storytelling wizadry to bare on the records that make up the “Manyan-Nyan” album; making for a deep and powerful experience.

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The “Manyan-Nyan” album features such musical juggernauts including Zahara, , 047, Ntando Bangane, Bomgani Radebe and Jessica Mbangeni.

We already predict a world of success for Vusi Nova with this latest commission as the “”Manyan-Nyan” is already racing right atop the charts and trends.

This way, you also do not want to miss out on the feast and fest of this musical celebration. Simply grab a dose then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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