Villager SA – Ska Dhala Pelo ft. Lebb Simons (Villager SA Dub Remix)

Versatile producer and disc jockey and are two notable forces when it comes to collaborations. The duo has brought on the dub remix of the original; “Ska Dhala Pelo” dropped a few months ago.

The dub track s just as appealing as the original and the freshness to it makes all the difference. is more modern and eclectic in his music approach than he actually reveals through his name.

He is powerful in reinforcing his beats and you always have to listen to his projects more than once.

He recently worked on “Nkhamonyaka” with Icon Lemaf as he also dropped his “10111” (Afro Drum) track. It suffices to say that is building an empire that would very much remain even when he has exited the industry as a legend in many years to come.

is also by no means a baby in making blazing hits. The singer and songwriter also recently teamed up with Mr. Brown on “Ska Nlechaka Budha” and was also a price feature on “Nkhamonyaka” together with Villager SA.

Since records have it that the collaboration between Villager SA and wasn’t just suddenly initiated, then it can be said this is one of the best projects to be produced by either of the artistes, and the professionalism and perfection of the song speak for itself.

You can stream and share this music. Download for later plays, while you let us know what you think about this hot vibe in the comment section. Cheers!
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