Vigro Deep – Baby Boy III Album

The wait is over as unleashed one of the most highly-anticipated projects of the close season. Ladies and gentlemen, welecome to the “Baby Boy III .”

Without an iota of doubt, has been one of the finest players and playmakers in the raging world of music.

In fact, he has already dominated this campaign with the massive success of his “Baby Boy II Reloaded Album” and one body of work which stole the shine, glitter and gloss on these streets.

Only thing is the fact that who is a terrific Disc Jockey and Producer has been teasing his loyal army of fans and supporters with this follow-up effort.

To this length and extent, launched the “The Ghetto Wave Vol 1 (Road to Baby Boy III)” as well as the recently premiered “Road 2 Baby Boy III EP.”

Do we even mention the success of hit songs as “Skoloto,” alongside Melo Ladies “Locked Tune,” while “Lalaza (Vocal Sdadla),” which featured Deeptone and Kingjazz, just to mention a few?

Only thing is the fact that “Baby Boy III ” looks to have more ammunition than we have anticipated as it comes as a bumper package with a whopping total of 18 scorching records.

Plus, the “Baby Boy III ” comes with the support of some of the finest acts in the industry including DJ Bucks, Nokwazi, Sdala The Vocalist, MaWhoo, Techno Deep, King Jazz, and others.

You know this latest musical engineering is the gift of the festive season and summer months ahead. You definitely do not want to skip on its feast and fest.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


Vigro Deep – Nostalgic
Vigro Deep – Victor Ncongwane
Vigro Deep – Mmangwane (feat. DJ Bucks)
Vigro Deep – Ngeke (feat. Nokwazi)
Vigro Deep – Umshado (feat. MhawKeys)
Vigro Deep – Thulu Bheke (feat. Sdala the Vocalist)
Vigro Deep – Bheja (feat. MaWhoo)
Vigro Deep – After Tears
Vigro Deep – International (feat. Sdala the Vocalist)
Vigro Deep – Manana (feat. DJ Bucks)
Vigro Deep – Yabelungu
Vigro Deep – Alalala (feat. Sdala the Vocalist & King Jazz)
Vigro Deep – Fortune Teller
Vigro Deep – Ufunani (feat. Nokwazi)
Vigro Deep – Ingozi
Vigro Deep – Skoloto (feat. Sdala the Vocalist)
Vigro Deep – Untold Stories
Vigro Deep – Black Power (feat. Techno Deep)


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