Various Artists – House Afrika Sessions Vol 8

For all lovers of Deep and Afro music, it is the time to celebrate. This is as the Afrika Sessions 8” has come right in the season to add even more colour and glitter to the festive months ahead. The effort commissioned by who make up some of the biggest names on the Afro circuit is an entire feast.

Featuring tracks from &Me, Eric Ericksson, Kant, DJ Merlon, Oceanvs Orientalis, Regalo Joints, Jimpster, Michael Obering, DJ Merlon, Pastor Snow, Drumatic Soul, Tronix Deep and more, you do not need any further playlists with this project of musical art.

In fact, with some Afro flavours from the Motherland, you can be sure to get the inspiration and motivation to double or even triple your productivity with the “House Afrika Sessions 8” .

Plus, with this body of work, those who are all about the groove and floor can be guaranteed to create dents on the dance floor as well chaos and destruction across social circles and gigs. Why would you even think we already laced our dancing shoes and fitted our dancing hats even before streaming on the play button.

The “House Afrika Sessions 8” is made up of a whopping 29 tracks and with all of the records on display, there’s just no single second of boredom. The previous sessions of the series might have equally brought joy to household and passion to hearts; this one is just about as explosive as it can get.

You do not need any further prodding to cop this piece as the tracklist below alone should be the guaranteed confirmation and assurance. , but be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

1. Nuits Sonores – Wanvel

2. Revenge – Nice Deepness

3. Last Call – Michael Obering

4. Lost Angeles – Ricky Ryan, Kosmas

5. Close – Kant

6. A Dream In Bali (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Remix) – BiG AL & Christos Fourkis Ft. Sha’Aban Yahya

7. Gentle (Kyodai Remix) – Hemi

8. Shadow World – Deep Sen

9. Reflections (Enoo Napa Remix) – DJ Merlon Ft. & Khaya Mthethwa

10. Atsha Pha (Ticck D.H.A Club ) – Ft.

11. June (Charles Webster November ) – Apollonia

12. Party 48 – Pastor Snow

13. Back To Black (feat. Mthi Wa Afrika) – Cravity

14. Road Trip (feat. Stagz Jazz & Exte C) – Rhey Osborne

15. Shingirira (Spin Worx Remix III) – Skaiva Ft. Joy

16. Come Over – Tronix Deep Ft. Tellaman & Lastee

17. Undenzeni Na (Original Vocal ) – Brewed Souls

18. Tokio Bay (Tahir Jones Dub Mix) – Marc Heun

19. Mshayiwenamba – EnoSoul

20. The 10th Joint (Original) – REGALO Joints

21. Minds Stains – Spin Worx

22. Evolution – Drumatic Soul

23. Listen Deep – Exte C & Enosoul

24. Easy (Nuno Estevez Remix) – Mathais G

25. Laser Clutch – Ou

26. Liquid Love (Dj Tipz Re-Dub) – Luka Ft. Jackie Queens

27. My Illusion – Finest Wear

28. Soul Fingers – Drumatic Soul

29. Flute On Steroids – Pastor Snow

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