Various Artists – House Afrika Presents Mzansi House Vol. 9

It has been a while in the making but we are glad to announce to you that Afrika has now commissioned the highly-anticipated “ Afrika Presents Mzansi Vol. 9 .”

Since 1996, Afrika has consistently offered deep, relevant grooves; even as they cherish the heritage of music as well as the new boundaries it has been setting with Afro Sounds.

To this length and extent, they have been consistent with the promotion of the genre unto lofty heights and standards that the industry currently enjoys.

We have seen several volumes of the Mzanzi albums, but “ Afrika Presents Mzansi Vol. 9 ” simply comes with an extended package, plot and twist.

This is as it comes with a massive double disc which holds a whopping 40 track records that’s impossible to match.

On the “House Afrika Presents Mzansi House Vol. 9 ,” you can be certain to find some of the finest names in the world of Afro House music.

These players and playmakers simply bring together the finest of their craft and artistry to make evergreen records and classics of this latest project of musical art.

You definitely do not want to miss out on this contribution to the culture and growth of our beloved Afro House music.

Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



SGVO – For You (Dub)
SGVO – Need No One Besides You (Dub)
SGVO – Deep House Is Not a Myth (Original Deeper Mix)
SGVO – Odd & Even (Dub)
SGVO – Secret Admire (Original Deeper Mix)
SGVO – You Don’t Need to Understand (Original Deeper Mix)
SGVO – What Do They Know About Deep (Original Deeper Mix)
SGVO – Indestructible
SGVO – Enough with the Talk (Original Deeper Dub)
SGVO – Clarity in Dub
!Sooks – Blue (feat. Thoko Namuya) [Interlude] !Sooks – Dementia
Krippsoulisc – Px2
!Sooks – Pendulum
!Sooks – Mind the Bassics
!Sooks – Oasis
!Sooks – Let’s Say It Happened
Secret Souls – White Desert Vault
Pierre Johnson – Everything
!Sooks – Lies

SoulProvider – Ra
SoulProvider – It’s Killin Me
SoulProvider – Long Road (feat. Simon Green)
SoulProvider – Azanian Magic (feat. Ntsiki Mazwai)
SoulProvider – Music Gives Power
SoulProvider – Golden Love (feat. Shatti)
SoulProvider – Cosmogony
SoulProvider – Scapegoat
SoulProvider – The Story Goes
SoulProvider – Maverick Interlude (Dopamine)
Kelvin Momo – Comes in Colours
Kelvin Momo – For All We Know
Kelvin Momo – Thembalami
Kelvin Momo – Kgosi
Kelvin Momo – Cloud Nine
Kelvin Momo – Happy (feat. Ben Da Prince)
Kelvin Momo – Piano Blues
Kelvin Momo – A Kiss of a Stranger
Kelvin Momo – Broken Promises
Kelvin Momo – Afrika My Home

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