Various Artists – AmaPiano Vol. 3 Album

One body of work currently generating the buzz and trends is the “ Vol 3 ” by various artists in the world of .

Even though this had dropped as far back as 2017, the new wave and buzz being generated by this niche in the industry has seen a whole new resurgence on the charts, trends and airwaves.

The battle across the world of Afro  music in recent times has been about Bolobodu  and   music.

In the past year, Bolobedu Royal, King Monada looked to have tilted that competition in the favour of his camp with the monster hit record “Malwedhe.”

However, Kabza De Small and the rest of the gang in the Amapiano corner will simply not be bossed around with such beastly efforts as “Umshove.”

Only thing is the “AmaPiano Vol 3 ” is just about the deployment of a nuclear arsenal to seal a terrifying battle.

The 12-track project of musical art features several soldiers of the Amapiano Army including , Gaba Cannal, , Pencil, Zing Master, Tumza D’Kota, , , , Soul Minority, Nathalie Claude, , LSquared, Zox, and .

With the abundance of talents lining this body of work, you know it is a feast and fest of musical bliss with the “AmaPiano Vol 3 Album.”

Especially with the deployment of the roll of stunning instrumentals right from the trenches for the groove and grind.

You do not want to miss out on this classical evergreen. Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


1. – Abashwe
2. Gaba Cannal – Turn Up Girls
3. – Umdanso
4. Pencil & Zingmaster – Tshwara
5. Tumza D’Kota – Voices
6. – 25th July (729 Birthday Mix)
7. aka TRP – Classic Man
8. – Thesis 2xx5 (Thesis Family Groove)
9. Soul Minority – Always There (Gaba Cannal Remix) feat Nathalie Clau
10. Tumza D’Kota & LSquared – Dark Horse
11. & Zox – Joyful Melodies
12. & Da Muziqal Chef – Steam (Main Mix)


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