Uncle Partytime, Una Rams – Rough Patch

"Rough Patch" Is The Newest Single By Uncle Partytime & Una Rams

and Uncle Partytime shouldn’t come as an unlikely collaborative pairing. The two have been quietly teasing at new music and the time came last week when their debut single “Rough Patch” hit the public.

The song is a lamentation of tough times, particularly where romance and feelings are involved. But true to the track’s name, a rough patch is temporary, and Una’s musing over the beat seeks to elicit sentiments of brighter days and hope on the horizon.

Uncle Partytime

For Una, this comes as his first single since the release of Wavy Baby. Uncle Partytime, however, uses this moment as his first foray into music production. They’ve shared the song with the country, testing its reception at Riky Rick’s Cotton Fest Live Stream. Capsule Fest, and the Until Until Sunday Roast. On all occasions, crowds showing the single good favor and warm reception.

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