Tribal – Going in

Tribal – Going in. Source: Tribal/Twitter

Exciting all-rounder, Tribal goes all in on a massive new dope that he aptly titles “Going In.” Do we even need anyone to let us know this latest dope is for a scorching mid-week and an explosive weekend ahead.


Having gotten us stuck with the monster hit record,Ingolovane which he dropped at the close of last year, Tribal definitely makes a triumphant re-entry on the circuit.

However, he had teased his musical magic on recent features including I’m So Ghetto of Beast.

Only thing is that he gives us the full package of his multi-talent abilities with a R&B/Hip Hop fusion that screams only of global standards.


This isn’t so surprising with those golden vocals which Tribal controls as well as the dreamy, breezy and wavy lyrical grit as well as the solid delivery. He explores all options on “Going In” for a mesmerising affair.

As if the glitter on “Going In” wasn’t already enough, Tribal sought the production artistry of prolific producer, X-Wise for a production masterclass that all but completes the rout on all fronts.

In the end, “Going In” is all for the good times, the jolly, the groove and the grind. Do you need any further prodding before you go on to ruin your replay button on this addictive piece? We don’t think so.

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