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South Africa’s most dynamic jazz-electro-hip-pop muso, just unleashed a massive body of work the she titles the “Uncommodified” . This is yet another project of musical art from the uber-talented diva after such projects as “Due Drop,” “Ascension,” and “Jetlag.”

Just when we erroneously thought the music video for Greatest was her last work of the year, called out our folly with this feast. We aren’t even surprised because she packs all the musical talent, prowess and grit to pull off such a feat.

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She is a talented pianist, producer, dancer, composer and the newest one, record label owner of the .

In fact, in recent times, Toya Delazy has been ferocious with her offerings that we just got too carried away in all of the musical pleasures that we didn’t suspect the “Uncommodified” was in the works.

Some of her releases have included No Follow,” “Diamonds In The Rough,” and her Jetlag EP continues to dominate as well.

However, as a 16-track masterpiece, it is no doubt the “Uncommodified” is now set to become the mainstay of musical devices, the airwaves, social circles, charts and the industry in general.

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The “Uncommodified” album is a combination of the messages of love, hope, motivation, inspiration, belief, groove and just a documentary of Toya Delazy‘s thoughts in general as her original self.

She has projected her other projects on the frontiers of knowing and experiencing oneself; this is about being oneself. The album features the likes of Kofski, Killason, and Aaron Breeze.

The world of South African music is awash with content; however, Toya Delazy offers a refreshing bit with the “Uncommodified” album. Especially as she let fly the abundance of her powerful vocals, valid content, proper structure and amazing delivery.

Source: Toya Delazy/Facebook

We have no doubt this is a Christmas gift that we hope to enjoy in all of its musical glory. After a few spins, the album has already taken us on a musical journey so far, yet so near and you do not want to miss out on this trip.

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