TNS ft. Indlovukazi – My Dali (DJ Stherra Tech Remix)

DJ Stherra drops a tech remix of “My Dali by featuring Indlovukazi.

As exciting as this is, it’d be a joke to not call it a refreshing new spin. Although, it isn’t the song we’re used to, it’s still a welcome version to it that we never imagined to begin with.

The song’s original creator, the amazing gave us a masterpiece when he released the track to Mzansi. It had followed the massive success he garnered the year before the track was born. The song featured vocal credits from Indlovukazi who absolutely killed it.

She simply gave melody to the track and made it into the few minutes of beauty that it finally became. “My Dali”‘s chants and flavours came right from the depths of the motherland.

The Durban based DJ and pianist now dishes a beautiful version of the song. Its energetic feel makes it all the more exciting.

The uber-talented who has once said that music for him, is all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove continues to prove that he’s one of the masters of groovy tunes.

His work on the song is a welcome one, and reminds one how much a song can appear in different versions and still not lose its beauty.

You’d never know how cool this version is until you’ve heard it. Simply, stream and download the track to have a listen. Let us know if this version is a welcome one or if you still prefer the original in the comments section.


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