Team Sebenza – Beast of the Nation (17K Appreciation)

“Beast of the Nation (17K Appreciation)” is a victory for as well as one for music as the genre undergoes that massive resurgence.

Yet, the Western Cape collective of Disc Jockeys and Producer have been instrumental to that push in many ways than one.

In fact, their recently premiered project of musical art titled “Street Wise Five EP” continues to create the buzz and chaos on these streets as well as their recently released collaboration with Lija titled “Izinja Maz’hlangene.”

These in addition to a world of other smashing numbers that have in fact become too numerous to mention list or document.

Fortunately, this dedication to the craft and artistry is not lost on fans as they have been showing all the love for .

“Beast of the Nation (17K Appreciation)” is now evidence that hard work does pay off and they also get right in the feels with the delivery of another production masterpiece only they might be capable of.

17, 000 followers on social media platform, Facebook is a milestone, but we’ve got the feeling this might only be the beginning for .

Until we bring you more episodes from more milestones, simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.
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