Team Khathaza – A Friendly Letter To Thebelebe

Team Khathaza debuts their presence here with this entry which has a message for the legend ” A Friendly Letter To ”.

Onalenna, has set the ball rolling for the idea behind this entry by Team Khathaza, with his intense domination on the scene.

He went overboard last year, as he got the chance to come out of his shell, and to take things to the full length, he raged on the “Jebson EP”.

This year has also launched his music to another level of greatness, especially since his track went viral once again, through the help of the whistle Girl.

Joining the crew of Amamoaiano hitmakers, he celebrated another milestone on the “Jebson EP 10K Downloads Appreciation Mix“.

His craft has been put on the world map since he added to the buzz in follow up entries, recently. With this entry, hopefully, responds in time to catch the trend.

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.
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