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Spirit of Praise – Spirit of Praise, Vol. 6 (Live) Album



This is the season of Gospel music and praise for the Almighty. One effort we are currently feeling is the live DVD recording of Spirit of Praise series, Volume 6. The project was hosted at Carnival City’s Big Top Arena on the 30th of July, 2016, but the Spirit of Praise, Vol. 6 (Live) was released just last October.

The Spirit of Praise, Vol. 6 (Live) which contained 26 tracks, hosted several of South Africa’s leading Gospel artistes including Benjamin Dube, Neyi, Omega, Tshepiso, the Dube Brothers, Women in Praise, Winnie Mashaba, Dr Tumi, Nothando, and several others including a new choir selected from several auditions.

Spirit of Praise series, Volume 6 was successful hosted with a capacity crowd after the successes of Volume 4 in 2012 and Spirit of Praise Volume 5 in 2014. However, the worship and glorification of the Almighty is what crowned this special effort.

You can already get your own doses of blessings and testimonies – simply cop and share your thoughts below.

Spirit of Praise, Vol. 6 (Live) Tracklist:

1. Mercy (feat. Dube Brothers) [Live at Carnival City]
2. Grace Falls (feat. Tshepang Mphuthi) [Live at Carnival City]
3. Egolgotha (feat. Rofhiwa) [Live at Carnival City]
4. Amen, Amen (feat. Nothando) [Live at Carnival City]
5. Ungenzela Konk’okuhle (feat. Dumi Mkokstad) [Live at Carnival City]
6. Ngizolibonga (feat. Women In Praise) [Live at Carnival City]
7. Nthapelele (feat. Winnie Mashaba)
8. Mahodimo (feat. Tshepiso)
9. Ntaele (feat. Tshepiso)
10. Victory Is Mine (feat. Omega)
11. Malibongwe (feat. Friends In Praise)
12. Muya Wanga (feat. Rofhiwa)
13. Jehova Retshepile (feat. Neyi Zimu)
14. One Word (feat. SOP Choir & Neyi Zimu))
15. Fear Not (feat. Tshepang Mphuthi)
16. Inxaniwe (feat. Dumi Mkokstad)
17. Ntate Kemang (feat. Dumi Mkokstad)
18. Nkosi Sihlangene (feat. Dumi Mkokstad)
19. Khulul’Ugcobo (feat. Nothando)
20. Oa Halalela (feat. Omega)
21. No Other God (feat. Dr. Tumi)
22. Calling You Jesus (feat. Dr. Tumi)
23. God Blocked It (feat. Women In Praise)
24. The Only God (feat. SOP Choir)
25.Lomusa Ongaka (Alter Call) [feat. Benjamin Dube]
26. So Good (feat. Dube Brothers (Live at Carnival City)

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