Sons Of Sound & Limpopo Rhythm – D.B.W.I (Dream Believe Work Inspire)

If you’re in need of some hard hitting inspiration perfect for the hustle, then “D.B.W.I (Dream Believe Work Inspire)” by & is the track for you.

It is the type that would fill your heaD up with much needed motivation and push you as far as it can.

It literally excites us when artists work together and produce great music. There’s always something beautiful about hearing two artists with varied sounds no matter how minute play together.

Be it beat making or singing, the thrill that comes from that is almost immortal.

Since they arrived the music scene, the have been killing it big time. They have changed the game with their amazing releases which have announced them all over Mzansi.

We’ve known them for some of the coolest tunes delivered to their fans to enjoy. They’ve dropped some resounding songs like “The Night Before” with Dafro, “Arise” with Mastershine, and a couple of other beautiful tunes.

This year, we haven’t really heard much from them and that’s been almost painful. They now make their debut on Hitvibes with this new song which they call “D.B.W.I (Dream Believe Work Inspire).

The song features contributions from . The fusion of talent on the track is what makes it beautiful to hear.

The new tune is not just inspiring but also well crafted to uplift the spirit. Their work on it is something everyone should hear. Simply stream and download the song below.

Also, share your thoughts on it in the comments section.

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