Skroofman – Sdwanyadwanya

Following the successful drop of his much talked about hit single earlier this year titled Khanyi Mbau, the multi – talented Mpumalanga born sensation Skroofman has dropped a new single titled Sdwanyadwanya.

Sdwanyadwanya produced Quinton Kadance Gumede who is well known for producing Lvovo’s Ama tin-tin and Last better man is a catchy hardcore single that combines superb lyrical prowess and melodious vocals and sees Skroofman once again baring all his musical arsenal.

The Mpumalanga sensation says that the track has profound roots and is influenced by how people live eKasi.  “The song talks about Kasi people who can’t afford a fancy lifestyle but still drink all night,” expresses Skroofman.

Skroofman attributes his passion for music to his ekasi background where experimental music is dabbled by many but pursued by few as the financial hustle attached to breaking into the music industry makes it tough to get a break.

The talented and music star is set to drop his highly anticipated second album titled Resurrector named after his son, the album is earmarked to drop early 2019.

Skroofman is creating a different element to what tradition knows and understands about the Kwaito genre and is challenging the traditional format and incorporating acoustic and electro beats, this allows him to make and produce music that blends into a vibrant tapestry.

Make sure to download Skroofman’s latest single and follow him on social media for future projects.

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