Shado M – Inhliziyo Yami Ithi Hey

Shado M – Inhliziyo Yami Ithi Hey. Source: Shado M/Facebook

One song we seem to have napped on a bit is the monster hit single of songbird, Shado M. Titled “Inhliziyo Yami Ithi Hey,” it is now making a resurgent.

The song had dropped to critical acclaim in the past year; dominating the playlists of lovers of music all over.

Such was the streak of its dominance that many wondered who was even behind the song considering the fact that it was only the damsel’s debut hit single.

Yet, Shado M would eventually go on to connect the beautiful audio with a squeaky-clean and crispy-fresh music video to properly complete the rout on all fronts.

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This time, “Inhliziyo Yami Ithi Hey” is making a return to the trends and we have chosen not to nap on its quality, beauty and bliss any longer.

This is why we bring you the song of love and emotions which streams right into the depths of the heart and soul.

In fact, “Inhliziyo Yami Ithi Hey” is one song many lovebirds will resonate with as well as those who still have the feelings for their ex sweethearts.

Shado M looks to have masterminded a classic which would make for a golden addition to your favourite playlists.

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