ShabZi Madallion – Where Ya Homies At [WYHA]

– Where Ya Homies At [WYHA]. Source: /Twitter

wastes no time in getting the new year 2019 started as he drops a brand new single that he titles “Where Ya Homies At [WYHA].”

Such was the waves and buzz the lyrical athlete made in the past campaign that he stood tall amongst the season’s most active emcees.

To this length, commissioned such blockbuster joints too numerous to mention or list.

However, the savvy rapper is on a quest to complete another slam this year as he immediately goes for the broke with “Where Ya Homies At [WYHA].”

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Spender - I Ain't Sorry ft. Da L.E.S & Stereo

Employing a Beat By production, Shabzi Madallion again proves the validity of a core piece with the wavy and breezy pattern to match his valid lines.

On “Where Ya Homies At [WYHA],” he simply flaunts on the unity and sacrifices his team members and hommies are capable of; the fact that they’ll readily watch and have his back. The ride or die kinda connection.

He then posed the question to others bothering on what lengths their circle would go for them… Deep words from a philosophical and poetic act.

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AB Crazy – No Limit ft. Nicom Muza

Without a doubt, “Where Ya Homies At [WYHA]” is just the first of several bursts to be expected from Shabzi Madallion as he owns the stash, vaults and stables overflowing with content.

You definitely want to connect with this latest groove as it is the current belter. Simply grab a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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