Roots Kollective – Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed Album

Roots Kollective – Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed

Roots Kollective, home to South African award-winning group, , have now unleashed their massively-anticipated project – “Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed”. In summary, this is a wave and tide taking over the continent of Africa.

“Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed” is a party for excellent artists including, themselves who have been cooking quality music and now ready to serve their fresh and spicy offering to the rest of the world.

The 16-track effort packs the addition of such sensational acts including African Rhythm, , REGALO Joints, African Roots, K.S Drums, , Djeff Afrozile, , NewTone Major, Gee Fire.

As you can already imagine, this is one gem you wouldn’t want to miss. Various artists come together, plot a revolution and liberate the people with an abundance of soul-refreshing drum, knock-out instrumentals and harmonic melodies. That itself fellas, feels like a state of musical utopia.

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Mpumi – Izulu

With such screaming efforts including “I hear You Calling”, “Break Me Down” and “Sunrise”, we have got onemfor the present as well as for the future. Isn’t this the why it was tagged “Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed”?

Afrikan Roots also went ahead to drop a “Project Unearthed (Appreciation Mix 2017)” for the listening pleasure of their fans in total appreciation. The weekend has been declared officially open and you can groove, whine and dwell in the beauty of “Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed”.

The following songs made the cut on Bang The Drum Project 2020 Unearthed:

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Zakwe - IDOLS (A song dedicated to PRO)

1. Let’s Dance (Feat. Afrikan Roots)
2. Break Me Down (Feat. Thami)
3. Rescue Me (Afrikan Roots Remix) (Feat. Dimah)
4. I Hear You Calling (Feat. Lebo)
5. Your Angel (Feat. Xoli M)
6. Tale of the Night (Feat. Afrikan Root)
7. The Zone (Feat. Dr Moruti)
8. Reborn (Remix) (Feat. Soulstar)
9. Muntu Wami (Feat. Miss Twaggy)
10. Mosadi (Feat. Silly West)
11. It’s All Right (Feat. Oddessy)
12. Time to Go (Feat. Steve Univers & Koki)
13. Amaginsa (Afrikan Roots Remix)
14. Makhwapheni (Feat. Afrikan Roots)
15. Sunrise (Feat. Silly West)
16. Guitar Song

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