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A-Reece – Paradise Album




Update – The Paradise is now available on iTunes.

When rap genius, Nasty C, dropped his massively successful “Bad Hair” , he shut down the South African and African hip hop space that not a lot of MCs even dared to drop a single at the same time.

However, one man who isn’t a lot of MCs is Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge also known as . He unleashed a solo EP effort around the same period and he titled it “CUTaways”. The EP only sought to rev up the excitement surrounding his massively anticipated “Paradise” .

Now, ladies and gentlemen, there’s just no need to keep calm anymore as the “Paradise” album is almost here and himself just dropped the album art, album title, track list and release date.

The “Paradise” album which will drop on 21 October is an 18-track work of art. Plus, if you really banged to the jams on the “CUTaways” EP which included “Funny Shit”, “Dablibs”, “How Far”, “I’m Winning” and “Peep”, then you could as well purchase a new musical device dedicated to the songs on this album in its entirety.

We know drops nothing but good music. He’s got the intelligence, flows, content, lyrics, structure, style, finesse, panache and delivery to keep him firmly above the fierce competition on the circuit.

He’s got such abundance of music in his DNA having started out early, aged 15. Now, he’s just adding to his list of victories and accomplishments even at such a young age.

This stellar act has never shied away from dropping massive hits upon hits and whenever he drops even a pen, it immediately rules the airwaves, then shows us the definition of music that assures us the future of South African hip hop is as bright as the sun.

Some of his hits which have enjoyed from A-Reece and even recently include “Zimbali”, “Mgani” and “Sebenza”, which featured Amanda Black.

Well, we are very sure those who are true to the game and industry would also remember the “Brownies EP” which hosts songs like “1000 Degreez” and “Double Cupped Up”; “Wavy”, “Couldn’t” which features Emtee or even “Come Up”.

As we await 11 more days of nerves for the “Paradise” album, which some fans are already promised to save copies for their grandchildren yet unborn to vibe to decades from now, we can only tell you to return to the “CUTaways” EP and use those stunning records to ease the excitement.

One thing we can guarantee is A-Reece is bringing fire and the emergency services better be prepared.

Below are the songs that made the cut on the “Paradise” album.

A-Reece – Paradise Album Track List
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