Pumpkin, Chillibite, & Lesmahlanyeng – O Nketsang ft. Retro Viben and Brinsley Motsepa

Pumpkin, , & Lesmahlanyeng team up to dish a hot new song titled “O Nketsang” featuring Retro Viben and Brinsley Motsepa. The song is a hit delivery from the stunning artists.

There hasn’t been a time here on Hitvibes where we brought you a song from various artists which didn’t deliver. For all the songs we’ve shared here, we have said that the argument that ‘many cooks spoil the broth” does not work for it.

Well, that’s also the same case with this new offering which is just amazing even with all the artists featured on it.

Anyone who hears this new song will definitely want more of it so much so that it would be all that claims their thoughts.

The trio are currently on a journey to make all of Mzansi feel their vibe which undeniably hot. They bring so much to every work they lay their hands on, making it an undeniable masterpiece.

There’s absolutely no one in all of SA who would hear all the work done on this song and not want to listen to it all over and over again.

All the artists on it some how find a way to make each of their handwork be so visible on the track that it’s impossible to deny.

The acts who have been up to so much with their solo careers continue make the kind of music that would turn heads the moment it begins playing.

This is no different and you definitely want to connect with its bliss and breeze as an early weekend gift.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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