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Pro-Tee & King Saiman – Emotional Blackmailer




-Tee and Saiman have returned and they take advantage of the mood in the atmosphere as they drop “Emotional Blackmailer.”

These two have formed a partnership, without making it official, but the results are always outstanding with each special jam.

Their trumpet series has also taken over the entire scape, and for -Tee, he is definitely getting more than he hoped for in the main stage.

They have each other’s back, which is why there was no stop in the flow of energy recently on “Nata Trumpet 2.0“, after months of no show since the main project towards the end of the year.

They leave no stones unturned in the presentation of this jam and though it takes up only about 5 minutes in total play, every minute has been accounted for, creatively. It’s a no retreat, no surrender zone.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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