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– Tribute to . Source: /Instagram

As friends and family gather to celebrate the times and life of SA Hip Hop Icon, , one of such in mourning mood is . The producer has now released a mix titled “Tribute To .”

Jabulani Tsambo better known by his stage name or Jabba might be gone but his legacies are sure to live long well after him.

Having contributed a lot to the culture and growth of the industry in South Africa, Hip Hop Pantsula battled his other demons of depression and addiction which eventually ended his life on the 24th of October at the age of 38.

Prince Kaybee has spoken out publicly about their last conversation, saying he would have stayed on the phone forever if he had known it was going to be their last.

This way, he has masterminded a sweet mix and melody that is deep, somber, emotional, deep and powerful in honour of his late friend and mentor.

Prince Kaybee says he has chosen not to add vocals to the beats and production he has released as “Tribute To HHP” because SA Hip Hop acts are difficult to get into the studio.

However, “Tribute To HHP” still will help one reflect about the fleeting nature of life and how we are all here in this time and space for a short while only.

If we live it right, that short time might just have been good enough.

Rest In Peace Motswako King.

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