Prifix – The One and Only Album

Prifix conveniently raises the roof on this project and titled just as he hinted “The One And Only ”.

From the streets of SA emerges this champion who takes the shine as Prifix, who is now on the edge of stardom, as he has been on the bits of Mzansi music for as long as you can tell.

Remember, when he debuted his presence with the help of Makhadzi on the recent “Ahuna” entry, well this entry is definitely all that and even much more featuring the likes of Chris Bang, Bamba, Fizzy and Meksay.

With such a powerful reintroduction, he is well on his way to the peak as he draws inspiration from legends of the game who have succeeded and blazed the trail before him.


  1. The One and Only (Intro)
  2. Ndo Vhaisala (feat. Ramzeey)
  3. Kha Mpfarele (feat. Fizzy)
  4. Out There (feat. King Asahf)
  5. Ndi Tou Fhumula
  6. Oya Nalo (feat. Chris Bang)
  7. I’m Gonna Love You (feat. Ras Canly)
  8. Vusiwana (feat. Rejoinder)
  9. Ahuna (feat. Makhadzi)
  10. Story of My Life (feat. Meskay)
  11. Zwia Mmbavha (feat. Bhamba)

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