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Peace Maker – Underrated




Maker returns just about the same time he did last year with his single titled “Underrated” and a true representation of what he is.

Just as his name goes, he creates the in cool and sensational music in his genre. still within the parameters of quality Mzansi music.

Last year, his quest began with “Bayekele Bakhulume“, seeing him cross over to the next stage, which was the last we heard from him for the year.

So far, he has worked with the likes of , Nasty C, and has also found his way into the industry’s chart-topping legends of all time.

His return has been celebrated by the clan of his loyal supporters, and this just the right way for him to express his rights on the scene, as one of Mzansi’s finest musicians with a bag of talents.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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