Well, we know “Castles” are the exclusive preserves of royals. This is why it wouldn’t be far fetched that South African Queen, , just dropped a much awaited single she’s titled “Castles”.

“Castles” starts off with Patty‘s explosive voice in a rendition that also handles the chorus perfectly and without blemish. Then, the rapper begins to burst flows on bars as though her very own life depended on it.

We all know is hot, pretty, and talented. In fact, fans on opposing sides of the divide have referred to her as either the Nicky Manaj or Iggy Azalea of Africa, and they might not be far from the truth.

However, on “Castles” the rapper might have unleashed a thoroughly deep and sometimes soulful lyrics which streams straight to the heart. You only have to this one to truly understand its magnitude.

This jam comes just a few days after she shared her new MAC ad with fans. Yet, you can still feel that the release of “Castles” means a lot to her as she twitted she’s waited 3 years for this.

Heavyweights on the South African rap scene are already sharing their thoughts on this one including rapper, . He called it “one of the most introspective joint Patty Monroe has dropped to date.”

Well, you can just this latest Patty Monroe joint and then, let us know your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

Castles by misspattymonroe

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