PatricKxxLee – Nowhere Child Album



What a year it has been for SA sensation, as he commissions his highly-anticipated “Nowehere Child” .

The rapper holds the strength that is admirable and one that is able to motivate in the midst of adversity.

Just this campaign, made the bold move to inform his fans of his challenges as he sought help from the dark place he was at the time.

The news might have come as a surprise to many considering the fact that he was still active on the circuit; others pointed to the dark side of his offering such as “Ghosts Love Me,” and “Dark Side Down,” as pointers.


Well, PatricKxxLee simply used that setback as a springboard and returned more lethal than ever before with records such as “H3llywood Blvd” and “Loose,” as well as an announcement he was about to drop his debut .

He hasn’t backtracked from that buzz and has kept to his word with the stunning 12-track project of musical art that he makes of “Nowhere Child.”

On this latest effort, PatricKxxLee proves to be not only an important part of the present in the world of SA ; he sounds every inch like its future as well.

The abilities to share his story, the superior lyrical lines, valid content, wavy and breezy deliveries, glittering production and sound, solemn bouts, gripping, stanzas, as well as an overall output for the bop along that’s addictive.

These are the ingredients that makes the “Nowhere Child” of PatricKxxLee one that lovers of the genre would find to be a refreshing episode off the abundance on the circuit.


Excitingly, PatricKxxLee does have a connection with fans and he penned a message to them as he offers this festive gift.

“Dear Lost Family,

I’ve been in a very dark place for the longest time, with questions running through my head that I just couldn’t seem to find the answers to. My journey lead me down a somber path of escapism and melancholy, and this album is my process of self-reflection.

As I share what’s going on in my mind, I hope you can find something to relate to, something that will point you in the right direction for finding your own answers. My actions can neither be interpreted as good or bad; my perspective is just a product of the life I’ve lived and the things I’ve seen and experienced.

This album is here to show you that you’re not alone. The Nowhere is a state of mind where you’re neither here nor there. This state of Nowhere is where my journey led me but in a sense I’ve always been here.

I reached a point in my life where I had to decide whether I would use my pain to be better or let it consume me – the question we all must find an answer to. When listening to this album, pay attention to how every song makes you feel and try to figure out where you stand – it was made with the purpose of making you feel the answer.

Love & 7ight to all the Nowhere Children out there…

Pxx” he wrote.


This creation is one that we endorse and you definitely need to grab a dose, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.