Pastor Snow & Afro Brotherz – Sukuma

It is the holy grail of Afro music as and unite on a brand new single titled “Sukuma.”

With the talents on display on this latest jam, you know it just doesn’t get better than the offering of these serial hitmakers.

With , you know “The Last Messiah” might be capable of no wrongs as he cooks the heat on each and every outing.

Records such as “Riot,” “Torn Shoes,” “Boom (Don’t go Down),” which  Reebah, as well as “Civil War” and “Number 3,” both with DJ Click, just to mention a few.

on the other hand have also been on a terrific streak on the circuit with several monster hit records to match.

To this length and extent, then have been able to sanction such jams as “Amaphoyisa,” and which featured Nthabiseng, “Listen (Lalela),”  “In Your Dreams,” which featured Vinny Kay, “Moshito,” which featured , and “Via October.”

Only thing is they bring the fusion of those abilities to bare on “Sukuma” with the melodious groove, the banging, soothing but measured beats as well as an overall output of glittering production.

We can go on and on but we seem to have been caught in the bug of this latest and engineering and invite you to join in the mood.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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