Part Time Cooks – Don’t Feed The Dragon

“Don’t Feed the Dragon” strongly contrasts with Part Time Cooks’ upbeat party anthem “You Got Me” released just last Friday. The filthy boom-bap/rock production perfectly compliments the tone of the lyrics which touch on current topics from the high school shooting in Florida to the water shortage in Cape Town and overall pending failure of Capitalism. PTC has blessed us with an entirely different kind of anthem this week as they continue to show their unrivaled versatility. Come to the table. The Cooks are definitely ones to look out for in 2018!

#PartTimeFriday is our promise to put out new content every Friday of 2018. We are releasing music of the same quality at an even higher rate of consistency than our peers with million dollar budgets and teams behind them, making it available for purchase for just a dollar. From our fans we ask that you support this campaign by purchasing every release for only a dollar at

All your support helps us Keep Cooking.

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